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Opportunities at RegLab

Stanford RegLab is hiring! Come join a diverse, interdisciplinary, and highly motivated group to drive change in technology, data science, and government!

Recent high-profile work includes work on machine learning and demographic disparities in IRS audits (New York Times story), an award-winning collaboration for pandemic preparedness and public health (description here and Wall Street Journal story), pioneering work on satellite imagery for environmental protection (Scientific American story), modernization of social safety net systems (Department of Labor background here), and extensive policy work on AI governance (Senate testimony here).

We are hiring for a range of positions, including data scientist, policy analyst, postdoc, and predoctoral research fellows. If you are interested in getting involved, please submit your materials through our general interest form here. We review all submissions to our job postings and general interest form, but regret that we are not able to respond to direct inquiries. Thank you for understanding!

Full-time Researchers

We are currently hiring for (pre-doctoral) Research Fellows to join our team starting Summer 2024. The deadline for the first round was October 30, 2023; the deadline for the second round was Monday, January 8, 2024. Applications will still be evaluated on a rolling basis and preference will be given to first-round applicants. Visit the listing here for more details.

Full-time Data Scientist

We are currently hiring a Data Scientist to join our team. Visit the listing here for more details. We are particularly looking for applicants with experience in computer vision.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Profs. Percy Liang and Daniel E. Ho are accepting applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher to focus on the governance of foundation models as part of a new initiative on AI policy. Please see the listing here for further information.

Summer Institute 2024

We are excited to welcome applications for our 2024 RegLab Summer Institute. This is a full-time funded summer program (10-12 weeks) for graduate and undergraduate students. The first deadline for applications was January 29, 2024; the second deadline was March 4, 2024. Applications will still be evaluated on a rolling basis until the cohort is finalized. Fill out the Summer Institute application here.

Research Assistants

We are almost always looking for motivated and engaged students who would like to use their skills to work on pressing social issues. Graduate, professional, and advanced undergraduate students with training in machine learning, data science, causal inference, and statistics are especially encouraged to reach out. Please reach out through the General Interest Form here with a brief cover note, CV, transcript, and a writing/code sample.