Aida Rahmattalabi

Summer Graduate Student Fellow

Aida Rahmattalabi is a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, CAIS Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society, working under supervision of Dr. Phebe Vayanos and Dr. Milind Tambe. Aida’s research focuses on developing AI/OR techniques to address problems with societal impact. The application areas of her work span social network interventions to improve public health, such as suicide and substance abuse prevention and policy evaluation and optimization in the context of housing allocation among those experiencing homelessness. She is particularly interested in data-driven optimization, trustworthy AI, causal inference and social network analysis. Prior to joining USC, she obtained her master’s degree under supervision of Dr. Kagan Tumer at Autonomous Agents and Distributed Intelligence (AADI) lab working on multi-agent reinforcement learning for tightly-coupled domains. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Aida is currently a Summer Graduate Student Fellow in RegLab’s 2021 Summer Institute.