Sanna Ali

Policy Analyst

Sanna Ali is a Policy Analyst working on AI policy at the RegLab and the Stanford Cyber Policy Center. She holds a PhD in Communication from Stanford, and her dissertation applied organizational theory to examine the implementation of AI ethics within technology corporations and the challenges that ethics workers face. Her work was published at the ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAccT ’23). During her PhD, she served as the Chair of the Graduate Student Council (where she advocated for and successfully secured healthcare subsidies for thousands of graduate student workers), a Dissertation Fellow at the Center for Comparative Studies of Race and Ethnicity, and a Google Policy Fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology in DC.

Before starting her PhD, Sanna completed a BS in Science, Technology, & Society from Stanford, an MS in Information & Computer Science from UC Irvine, and worked in user experience research at Meta, Amazon, and Pinterest.