Brandon Anderson

Head of Data Science

Brandon Anderson is Head of Data Science at RegLab. After receiving his Ph.D. in physics, he served as Research Associate at the Oscar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics in Stockholm, where he focused on dark matter and statistical inference in gamma-ray astronomy. Moving into the startup world as a Data Scientist, he designed experiments and developed machine learning techniques for the analysis of large biological datasets at BioElectron Corporation and led a team to build out real-time unsupervised fault detection systems in autonomous vehicles at Cognomotiv. He has considerable experience developing and applying deep learning techniques to a wide range of contexts, including fundamental particle discrimination, mass spectrometry, time-series anomaly detection, and image recognition. At RegLab he has continued to diversify; some of his current projects include using computer vision and satellite imagery for environmental study and protection, natural language processing to facilitate mass adjudication, and active learning to make the best use of limited resources in multiple governmental settings.